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“Perspective Personal Solutions” says what I want to stand for.  I want to help people gain perspective and get the best out of themselves and their teams. I will do this by pulling you out of “life’s busy cauldron” and helping you view and review where you are, versus where you want to be.

I then help you create a plan of how you will get there - what needs to change, improve, reduce, increase...?

It is all driven by you, I will just help you set the direction and hold you accountable to doing what you said you would do.

Shayne O'Connor

Professional Coach  |  Mentor 

Like many of the people I coach, I have also been in the position to question how or what I was doing, was my work/life actually fulfilling me, was I actually passionate about what I was doing and was I getting the best out of myself or the people around me.

Over the years I have been many things; a Professional Cricketer, Business Owner, Operations and General Manager, even Otago Mitre 10 Cup Rugby Team Manager.  I have a wonderful wife and together we have 4 fantastic children. Now I have found my niche as a Professional Life Coach.

I enjoy being the listener in conversations, helping people clarify and understand what they want, then nudge them towards their goals, or to find solutions to problems. 

I am experienced working with and managing people in various environments from elite sport to business, and life in general.  With my pragmatic, systematic approach, I've helped many people overcome their doubts, struggles, ambitions and goals, so they have a clearer path and they are now on their way to fulfilling their lives!

Flexible Life Coaching Packages and Workshops


I know life can be busy, so my one off coaching sessions can be booked as and when required.


3 month "Inquisition Package"

6 month "Clear the Clutter"

12 month "Maintenance Package"


Tailored group workshops, improve team culture, communication, leaderships and goal setting.

Quinton – Quantity Surveyor

My professional and personal life had both become very demanding and busy.  As a result of this I started losing direction and control of my professional life which in turn also affected my life generally.  

Shayne is an awesome coach.  He is understanding, realistic and easy to talk to.  I found being coached by him enabled me to step back from myself and see my day to day moves and thoughts in a different light, professionally and personally, and where I could take action.

Being coached by Shayne allowed me to learn new techniques and tools to help me deal with pressure, anxiety and stress in every part of life.  This was invaluable, and I would fully recommend Shayne to anyone.

Shayne O'Connor | Professional Life Coach

Phone: 021 371 677


Dunedin, Queenstown, Central Otago

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