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How does it start and what happens in a Coaching session?

I recommend that we catch up and discuss coaching in a free 30-minute discovery chat first.  This way you get to know me, I get to know you, you can ask some questions about coaching and we can decide if we think we can work effectively together; we might even pick a topic and give it a wee test run.

I generally do my coaching in sessions as opposed to by the hour.  This is because there is usually a bit of preparation for each meeting and there is definitely a fair amount of follow up. I am happy to discuss alternatives if desired.

  • Sessions usually include a meeting of around 45-60 minutes in duration.

  • I will take notes during our meetings, I will summarise these, add tools or ideas you may find useful, and send them to you with the action points we come up with.  You need to be prepared to put some work in for coaching to be successful, it is about you after all.

  • It always helps to prepare for your coaching sessions by knowing what you want to work on or achieve, what has gone well and what, if anything, has not gone so well.

How does it end?

It is totally normal for coaching relationships to run their course and end once you feel you have got what you needed or wanted out of it.  In fact, this is the aim as it means we have achieved your goal(s)!

Hopefully we can stay in touch and the door will always be wide open to catch up again if you ever want or need.  It can be useful to meet once in a while just to check things are on track and you haven’t slipped into any old unhelpful habits.

Alternatively, it is common for clients to get in touch again if something else crops up, something else they would like help negotiating.

My ideal is that things are falling into place and you are firing on all cylinders with clear goals, plenty of motivation and the tools to achieve what you want to achieve.

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