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One-off Coaching sessions

ONE-OFF SESSIONS  - as and when required

It is recommended people try coaching for at least 6 sessions, or approximately 3 months.  Most often people meet weekly for the first 2-3 weeks as they gain good momentum initially. Gradually they drop to fortnightly, then to 3 weeks, once a month and so on.


However if you just have a particular project, issue or situation you'd like some help to clarify your thoughts on, 1 or 2 sessions might be just what you need.

It is common for people to make a breakthrough then take a break from coaching while they enjoy their success. They often start again later on with more certainty around how it works and what they really want to achieve.

Meetings are up to an hour in duration.  I take notes throughout, summarise and add tools or ideas for your future reference.


I will send these to you and offer the option of up to 30 minutes’ worth of follow up contact after each session, just to help keep the momentum going if required.

If you have any other questions or you would like to go ahead and book a session, please send me a message via email or my contact page on this site, or phone me on 021 371 677

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