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Liz Perkins – Former owner of Monteiths Alexandra,
Cyclist, & now Hospitality Business Coach.

When I needed some help to unpack my busy world and straighten up some bends in the road, it seemed logical to get someone in my blind spot.  Lucky for me, Shayne was suggested. 

The work I did, and still do, with Shayne was pivotal in my decision to list my business and ultimately sell it. My life balance has greatly improved as a result of working with Shayne. 

Working with Shayne is not an easy journey by any means.  He asks challenging questions and never filled the space ahead for you.  The work is confronting!  It is this approach that had made it so valuable for me. 

Wayne – Entrepreneur, Developer of sheep handling equipment,
Marketer, Sales consultant & Author

I first approached Shayne to "try" life coaching when, for a number of reasons, I felt my life, goals and future had become somewhat unclear.

I came to Shayne carrying a degree of cynicism and even scepticism about life-coaching, but decided "what's the worst that could happen". 

My cynicism was allayed at our first meeting by his honest appraisal of himself, his abilities and his self-effacing manner. 

My scepticism evaporated over the next year as I achieved my goals, among them the writing of a book and completion of a Psychology paper. 

Shayne has helped me (and continues to help) in two significant ways. 

  1. He helps orient me, in an often chaotic world, towards the things that I find important and worthwhile. 

  2. He offers clarity, common sense, and what is perhaps best described as a "gentle, nose to the grindstone" pressure, most importantly he allows me to choose my own pressure.

David Ager – Design Engineer

If you’ve ever felt the need to improve the way you work, working with Shayne is a big step in the right direction.  I found Shayne’s approach to be diligent and professional, from initial discussions of what I wanted to improve in my working life to the regular meetings and discussions that tracked progress and gave suggestions of where to next.  I’d recommend drawing on Shayne’s experience if you wish to make your working day better and you’re not sure about how to achieve it.  His gentle prodding and regular affirmations will help you go a long way towards achieving the goals you set for yourself.

Anton Hood – Builder and NZ Junior and Senior men’s curler.

To excel at my sport, I was told it’s the 5% that takes you from being good to being great!  Shayne not only helped me with the realms of international sport, he has also me to get more organised with the prioritising of different aspects of my day to day living.  He’s got me focusing on the things that help develop me as a person, which allows me to fully focus on my game when on the ice curling. 
Since working with Shayne I’ve gone from struggling to compete with the top 20 in the world.  Now I’m playing inside the top 10 at an U21 level!  Shayne has helped me find new ways to look at how I approach my goals within the curling world.  I would definitely recommend Shayne’s coaching to everyone; he can help you in ways you didn’t think you needed help before.

Amy Hislop – Student and Junior Representative Footballer

I have always struggled with confidence around being a “good” football player and often looked for the belief in myself/confidence from other people opinions on my abilities. 

I achieved a lot by working with Shayne, more than I thought I would, and quicker as well. I was able to play football/soccer and not get anxious or worried before, during or after games, meaning I could perform to a high standard and most importantly of all, enjoy every second of it. 
One of the things I found really help was learning techniques that not only applied to my football, but everything in my life for the better.  

I would 100% recommend coaching to others simply because I know I wouldn't still be playing football anymore.  I would get so wound up; I wasn't enjoying it at all until I talked to Shayne.

Kris – Orchard Manager

My job had evolved into a position where I was starting to feel like I was out of my depth and overwhelmed.  There were issues arising that I knew needed addressed both personally and within the culture of our organisation, so I decided to engage with a life coach.


Working with Shayne has been of great benefit to me, my team and my employers.  Because Shayne has no ties to my situation we are able to discuss issues, he able to give impartial feedback and together we can plan and develop interventions.  This has resulted in a positive organisational culture for us all to thrive in.  From a personal point of view the positive reinforcement I have received from Shayne has certainly helped my confidence.


I like the way that Shayne lets me resolve issues just by asking questions, he also helps by letting me know that I’m not by myself in having to deal with circumstances.


I look forward to continuing working with Shayne and progressing in my professional development with his guidance.

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